NoVirusThanks Smart File Delete Removes Stubborn Files

Every Windows user as come across one of those stubborn files that simply won’t get deleted. You try everything you can – closing all programs, closing all visible windows, giving delete command from command prompt, using elevated command prompt, rebooting Windows (yes, this fixes some of the problems but not stubborn files – not always anyway) but to no avail. Then what usually follows is the gnashing of teeth and stamping of feet, but you do not have to go through all of this. You will be surprised to know how easy it is to delete such stubborn files if you have the right tools like the one made by NoVirusThanks called Smart File Delete.

The Smart File Delete makes use of a very well known feature in Windows that allows you to delete the files on the next boot of the operating system. These files are removed before anything else is loaded in Windows and this is why it is very effective method to remove stubborn files. Since this feature is provided by the Windows itself, it is very safe and reliable.

In the Smart File Delete window, you can add all the files that you are having trouble when deleting them. You can then click on the Delete on Reboot button to add the entries in the Windows’ Registry so that when you reboot your system, these files can be automatically deleted by Windows.

NoVirusThanks Smart File Delete

Suppose you add some files for deletion and later decide not to delete them, what would you do? You can remove them from deletion list from under the Undo Deletions tab. But this has to be done before you have rebooted Windows.

Smart File Delete also adds a context-menu handler for Windows File Explorer so that you can easily right-click on any files and choose to remove them on the next reboot. If you do not want to have this context-menu entry, then you can disable it from Smart File Delete settings.

You can download NoVirusThanks Smart File Delete from