Scan Every Download for Malware with Metadefender for Chrome

The trick to stay safe online is to be very careful when downloading new files and software on your PC. Personally, I am in the habit of scanning each and every downloaded file with VirusTotal or Metadefender, both of which offer scanning of files using more than 40 antivirus engines running with the latest malware definitions available. This way even if your installed antivirus product misses a suspicious file, some of the other antivirus engines might be able to catch it before it can cause any real damage to your PC.

But downloading files and then uploading each of these to the various online virus scanners manually could be a lot to handle. The makers of the Metadefender (previously Metascan Online) have made things much easier for you by providing you with an extension made for the Chrome browser called Metadefender for Chrome. This extension, as you can guess, does everything automatically – it scans each and every file that you download using the Metadefender online scanner and displays you the results instantly, leaving the decision of keeping or getting rid of these files to you.

Metadefender for Chrome

After installing the Metadefender for Chrome extension, it takes a few seconds to generate a scanner key for your browser’s use and then you are all set. You can now try downloading a file from the internet. As soon as the download finished, the Metadefender extension springs into action, scans your file and displays you the results. If the file has already been scanned, then you have the choice to re-upload and re-scan the file.

Metadefender for Chrome

There are some limitations but they are very well intended. For example, you cannot scan a downloaded file of size not more than 140 MB. This is okay though as not many malware come in that large a size.

You can download and install Metadefender for Chrome from