Input Emojis Right from Browser with Emoji Keyboard for Firefox

I sometimes hang out with my good old high school friends using some now-old fashioned web chat services like Omegle which is very much fun if you know the person you are talking with in real life. But when sending messages and chatting online, people do not see your facial expressions and as a cheap alternative you can use the emojis to show them how you are feeling about something. But it is a tad difficult to input emojis in a Windows or Linux computer. Microsoft has come up with some relief to the users by allowing the emojis in the touch-screen keyboard of Windows 10. But if you are not using Windows 10, then you have to do the old fashioned copy paste which soon takes all the fun out of chatting online.

Thanks to some cool developers of Firefox extensions who have come up with the Emoji Keyboard extension for the Firefox browser. Using this extension you can easily (really very easily) input all kinds of emojis in various web sites – chatting, social networking, web mail or any other type of site.

The add-on adds a small icon in the Firefox toolbar and you can click on this icon to quickly open the virtual click-to-type style keyboard that allows all kinds of emojis input. The emojis are arranges in various categories like people, objects, symbols, flags, foods, animals, and so on. This makes it easy to find the emojis you are looking for. At the bottom, you can prepare the message/text using a combination of these emojis and then copy it to paste it anywhere you want.

Emoji Keyboard

There are no complicated settings or options in this extension which makes it very much simpler to use it for everyone. Whether you are enjoying exchanging small text messages on chatting sites, posting a new status on the social networking sites, or creating a new email message on your favorite web mail service, you can make use of the Emoji Keyboard for Firefox to make things a little interesting for you and your friends.

You can get the Emoji Keyboard extension for Firefox from