Batch Image Processing with reaConverter Lite

When I have to upload images to this website, I first add the watermark using GIMP, then reduce their file size using IrfanView and save them in the JPEG file format. But all this takes a long time even for a couple of images. If you also have to process multiple images everyday, then you can understand the time and patience it requires to process all the images. If you want to cut down on the time spent in editing and annotating these images then you can use the freeware reaConverter Lite.

As you can see, reaConverter Lite is a scaled down version of the reaConverter Standard or Pro editions (both of which are paid commercial applications). Even though the commercial editions of the software are feature packed, the lite edition has all the tools that you would need for image file format conversion. Moreover, you can also find some of the image processing tools in the Lite version.


The reaConverter Lite requires a license key to work with more than five images, but the license key is instantly given to you after you tweet about it or post a comment about reaConverter Lite on facebook. After you activate the reaConverter Lite using this key, all the restrictions are removed.

You start by adding various image files to the reaConverter list. You can click on the “add files” button to select the image files or you can just drag-n-drop the files on the reaConverter Lite window. After this you have to select a target image format using the button given at the bottom.


Under the “Edit Images” section, you can add various filters that apply to all the added images in the list. You can choose to resize, rotate or crop the images. There are filters for alternation/orientation, color adjustment, creating retouching, watermarking and more. After this all you have to do is click on the Start button and it will save the converted images in the pre-specified folder.

Conclusion: reaConverter Lite is fast batch image processing tool that can handle a large number of image file formats, allows file format conversions in addition to application of some basic image modification filters. It is ideal for you if you have to process dozens of images everyday at work.

You can download reaConverter Lite from