Check PC System Stability with OCCT

OCCT is a system stability testing tool designed for the Windows operating system. In addition to monitoring voltages, temperatures and fan speeds of the various components in your system, it can also be used for bench marking the power supplies (SMPS), graphics cards (GPUs) and the main processors (CPUs). It comes with four in-built tests that can stress out your system and determine how well it is performing. If the performance is below par, then you can clean the hardware or replace parts performing at sub-par values to improve the overall system stability and performance.

In the main interface of the OCCT, you can see different tabs related to CPU, GPU and the Power Supply. These tabs display information related to these hardware components (CPU, GPU and PSU). You can choose the test configurations and then click on the green ON button which would start the stress test for that particular hardware component. Note that these stress tests can actually make your system unresponsive, so you should save your data before you begin any of these tests.


There are two different types of CPU tests available – LINPACK and OCCT. Both of these tests determine errors in computing. But the LINPACK test is designed to generate a lot of heat and pushes the heat sink and cooling fan to the limits. On the other hand the OCCT test is better at find the calculation errors in the CPU but does not generate as much heat.


On the right-side of the main stress testing window, another window is displayed showing various live monitoring results. The monitoring window can be moved to the left side or minimized. The sensor information in this window can be displayed either in the tabular data format or the graphical format.

You can download OCCT bench marking tool from