ePSXe is PlayStation Emulator for Windows Users

ePSXe is a PlayStation emulator for Windows that can be used legally without any problems if you do own an actual Sony PlayStation and the game DVDs. Yes, this caveat looks excessive but it ensures any illegal usage of the emulator by people who might want to run games without having to buy the actual PlayStation hardware. ePSXe asks for the BIOS code from your PlayStation hardware before it can be used. Without any valid BIOS code (which you can get only if you own a real Sony PlayStation), ePSXe will not work or will not load the games correctly.

The ePSXe emulator asks for the configuration setup when you launch it for the very first time. Through an easy to follow configuration wizard, it allows you to setup various settings required for the proper loading of the games and the emulation thereof. You have to choose the BIOS settings in this wizard that will make sure the games are loaded correctly. But if the BIOS file is not available then you may not have any success in emulating the PlayStation in your Windows PC.


Once the ePSXe configuration is complete, you can try loading the game DVDs, CDs or ISO images from the menubar of the ePSXe window. The rest of the interface will be not very much different from the one that you would see on an actual PlayStation device. You can switch to full-screen if you want to play the games in the much more PlayStation look alike mode.


Conclusion: ePSXe can be helpful for the PlayStation addicts who cannot live without their PS games in the event their PlayStation is taken away for repairs. It works on all the versions of Windows and support some of the popular PlayStation games. ePSXe is also available for Android devices from Google Play Store.

You can get the ePSXe from http://games.softpedia.com/get/Emu/ePSXe.shtml.

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  1. ePSXe for Android is a very modest version of the classic PlayStation One emulator for PC that works perfectly on Android devices. Can I use this ePSXe on my OnePlus android phone?

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