Customize Windows 10 ISO Image with WinReducer EX-100

When you want to install and re-install Windows 10 on different systems, it becomes very cumbersome and tiring to go through the same steps and customize the installed copy in the same way followed by the installation of some of the essential software like 7-Zip. In order to reduce your time spent in customizing the individual installed copies, you can create a customized installation media for Windows 10 and the free software WinReducer EX-100 is going to help you exactly just that.

WinReducer EX-100 is a portable software for Windows that can be used to remove some of the unnecessary Windows components, customize it and add some of the third party software. For making changes to the “install.wim” file that is used for installing Windows 10, you need some special tools and those software tools can also be downloaded by the WinReducer software.


You start by launching the WinReducer software (WinReducerEX100.exe) and then it will open the configuration window. In this window you can choose whether you want to use an ISO image of Windows 10 or whether you want to work with the “install.wim” file.

Clicking on the Software Installation button will take you to the window that helps you download the software tools needed for WinReducer to work with Windows installation media as well at least one of the essential themes that you want to include. You must select all the tools like 7-Zip, Dism, oscdimg, ResHacker, SetACL etc, before you click on the Download button.


Once the WinReducer EX-100 configuration is complete, you would be able to remove or add various components in the Windows 10 installation media and customize it. This process involves basically selecting or deselecting the components from Windows 10 as needed by an individual. You can even include drivers, third party software, themes, wallpapers and more.

You can download WinReducer EX-100 from