EVORIM Free Firewall : Advanced Protection from Online Threats

EVORIM Free Firewall is an advanced firewall for Windows computers that provides protection against hackers, botnets, malware and other online threats. It is a very fast and proactive firewall that thwarts all the attempts of cyber-criminals who wish to gain access to your Windows PC by making use of the known vulnerabilities in Windows or third party applications. Although Windows operating system comes with a firewall of its own, the Free Firewall extends this functionality by allowing you to quickly block any application running in the background.

Every time a previously unrecognized program tried to access the internet Free Firewall asks you for the permission whether you want to permit or block the connection. This helps you prevent any malicious or suspicious program from accessing the internet.

Free Firewall

The Free Firewall works in two modes – Credulous mode and the Paranoid mode. The credulous mode is for the people who are sure that their PC is clean of malware and they are using latest up-to-date software. In the credulous mode, all applications are permitted to access the internet unless you specifically block one or more of them. The paranoid mode is complete opposite of the credulous mode – it blocks all the applications and allows only the ones that you trust to be safe.

Free Firewall

In addition to blocking and allows the applications from accessing the internet, Free Firewall also offers some others features like the blocking of the telemetry data being sent over to the Microsoft servers or prevention of the analysis or tracking of the users.

Summary: Free Firewall is a very small, lightweight and yet powerful firewall software for Windows PC. It works flawlessly with Windows 7, 8.x and 10. Moreover, it can block malicious apps running in the background and prevent the attempts of the Windows telemetry services to send user’s data to Microsoft servers.

You can download EVORIM Free Firewall from http://www.evorim.com/en/free-firewall.