How to Toggle Built-in VPN in Opera Browser

After Opera bought out the SurfEasy VPN Inc., it was only a matter of time that they integrated the VPN features into the Opera browser in one way or another. And now they have finally integrated it inside the Opera browser in the form of an in-built VPN web browser. Even though this is unlimited VPN service, it works more like a proxy as it is available only for selected tabs inside the Opera browser. This VPN service can be toggled on or off quickly and very easily for any number of websites at the click of a button. Not only that, you can also choose one of the VPN servers to be used. Here is how:

First of all, you have to enable the VPN service from the Opera settings. Without enabling the VPN service, Opera cannot connect a website opened inside a tab through the VPN service. In order to enable the VPN service, you have to open the Opera Settings (by pressing the Alt+P hotkey), select Privacy and Security from the left side and then select Enable VPN from under the VPN section.

Opera VPN Service

Once this step is completed, you can try opening a web site in Opera and you would see a VPN indicator in the address bar of that tab. You can click on the VPN indicator to open up more VPN related settings – toggle off or toggle on the VPN for that tab, choose the VPN servers (virtual location) from Canada, Germany or United States (perhaps more locations will be available in the future).

Opera VPN Service

I have tried using the Opera’s VPN for browsing various sites and as far as I am concerned the VPN server works the best when the virtual location is set to Germany. This experience could be different for everyone as the VPN performance changes with the geo-location of the user.

Conclusion: Opera’s built-in VPN service is a great step towards integration of the popular services into the web browser. Since Opera uses SurfEasy Inc for VPN connections, it can be trusted for day to day web browsing. Moreover the VPN is unlimited and you do not have to worry about the bandwidth usage.