How to Change App Layout for Opera Browser in Android

While some of the other browsers like Firefox basically either keep the same layout across all the devices or offers a different app download for different devices like tablets or mobile phones, the Opera web browser for Android allows you to choose a app layout for your device from within the settings. This makes it very convenient for anyone to switch to any desired layout as and when they please. For example, if you are using Opera on a tablet then you can use the tablet profile, but if you have been using it on smaller screen smartphone then perhaps you would like to use the one handed classic layout.

Opera for Android offers three different types of layouts – Classic layout that offers a classic one handed easy navigation and has been in use for many many years (this is used as the default layout when you first install Opera in your device), Phone layout which basically maximizes the viewing area by removing all the navigation panels and is great for relatively smaller screen phones and the Tablet layout with visible tabbed layout (just like in the desktop version of the Opera browser) for each switching from one tab to another.

In order to switch the app layout, you have to open the Opera browser’s setting screen. From here you can select App layout and select one of the layouts that you want to use. I personally prefer the classic layout for smartphones and obviously the tablet layout for the tablet devices.

Change Opera App Layout

Conclusion: If you want to efficiently make use of the limited screen space in mobile devices, then perhaps you would want to switch to a suitable app layout in the Opera web browser for the Android mobile devices. By carefully picking one of the app layouts in Opera you not only improve on the browsing experience but you can also use the screen to its maximum potential.