Samsung SSD Magician Helps Optimize Your Solid State Disks

Solid state disks (or SSD’s in short) are quickly become the de facto standard for the newer notebook and desktop computers owing to the various benefits that they provide – speed, stability and noiseless operation to name a few. Among many choices available in the market today, Samsung SSDs are among the ones that are being extensively used in both the newer branded computers as well as a replacement of the older mechanical hard disks. If you have also bought a Samsung SSD for your PC, then you can use the Samsung SSD Magician for managing and optimizing your new SSD.

Samsung SSD Magician is very comprehensive tool that provides a lot if information about your SSD. But it works only for the Samsung branded SSDs and if you try to use it with other brand’s SSDs or HDDs then it will only display some basic information and optimization functions are completely disabled.

Samsung SSD Magician

Under the drive information, this tool displays the serial number, firmware capacity, capacity, drive health status, all the partitions and their capacities. For the system information, it displays the AHCI (advanced host controller interface) mode status (AHCI is enabled through the UEFI or BIOS), SATA interface version (SATA 3 provides best data transfer rate but it depends on the motherboard), OS optimization (whether you have made changes in the Windows to improve the data transfer).

You can also choose to run performance tests for your SSD, but before you attempt to do so make sure you have saved all the data in all of your running programs (for example, in Microsoft Word) and then proceed. The performance test checks for the read, write and access speeds of your SSD and can make your system unresponsive for a while.

Other than this, Samsung SSD Magician also offers special functions like firmware upgrade, secure erase, OS optimization, data security and more.

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