How to Import Bookmarks/Passwords into Vivaldi Browser

In the last few days many new things have happened in the web browser world – Google Chrome has finally stopped support for Windows XP and Vista, researchers have discovered some vulnerabilities in the way Firefox handles the extensions and a new web browser called Vivaldi has come up with its first release version. Vivaldi is being developed by a team headed by the Jon S. Von the co-founder of Opera. Just like Opera, Vivaldi also uses Chrome’s Blink engine and as such will also stop support for Windows XP and Vista. In any case, you will be surprised at the number of features and options available in the Vivaldi browser.

If you want to try out the new Vivaldi web browser, perhaps the first thing to do is to import your bookmarks, passwords, history, search engines and other settings from your other web browsers. Vivaldi makes it very easy and it can be done in just two steps:

  1. Click on the Vivaldi icon in the top-left corner of the browser window and then select File → Import Bookmarks and Settings from the menu that appears.Vivaldi Import Bookmarks
  2. A new window will open up with various importing options. Choose the web browser that you want to import the bookmarks and other settings from. Choose the type of items you want to import (bookmarks, history, passwords, search engines etc.) and then click on the Start Import button.Vivaldi Import Bookmarks
  3. You may have to close down other web browsers for the import process to be successful. After the importing of the various items is complete, you can access them from Vivaldi.

Vivaldi is a new browser, but don’t be fooled by the version numbers. Vivaldi is being developed by a very experienced team of developers led by Opera co-founder himself. Vivaldi is going to present a real competition for the other browsers in near future.


  1. Ignore my above question – I figured it out. (wrote my question too soon!!)

    Clicked on the V symbol in the top left side of my Vivaldi configuration (not the one in the Web address entry line) and found the menu for FILE, EDIT, REVIEW etc —

    Export option was under FILE menu.

    I have now exported and saved bookmarks ready for switchover to new Surface-Pro installation. !

    cheers & thanks (sorry to bother you!)

  2. Our work place is replacing our PC’s with Surface Pro’s. I need to backup all my Vivaldi bookmarks ready for the changeover to a new PC/new operating system.

    How can I backup my Vivaldi bookmarks so I can reload them all (quite a few) into the new MS Surface Pro once I install Vivaldi on it??


  3. i recently reinstalled Vivaldi. i want to import my bookmarks and passwords, but when i go to File>Import Bookmarks and Settings>Vivaldi, it says “close browser to import”.

    what to do?

  4. Like 99.99% of software the import of Firefox bookmarks does not work, repeat does not work! got it? Another failed web browser!

    1. Not so quick. Your FF bookmarks most likley is in .json format while Viv uses .html. Back up FF bookmarks as .html and go.

  5. how do you import bookmarks that have been exported to a html file. there is no option for that action.

      1. I did that (imported from Firefox, using the bookmark import function in Vivaldi), and got the “OK” for each check boxed line of what I wanted to import (bookmarks and search engines), but the imported bookmarks do not show up in the bookmarks. I get a big, fat blank. What gives?

        1. Recently there were changes in Firefox, replacing cert8.db by cert9.db and key3.db by key4.db. New Firefox installations may only have cert9.db and key4.db, both these files seem to be important for password handling.

          My suspicion is that Vivaldi hasn’t updated their import functionality to account for the new files (cert9.db, key4.db) yet.

          Do you have a new Firefox installation (with a fresh profile, created after Firefox 57 was released)? That would support that my guess is right.

          Older Firefox installations (with a profile created before Firefox 57 or so) should be able to import passwords because cert8.db and key3.db are still available in Firefox’s profile directory.

  6. Can’t import bookmarks, can only import a folder with all my bookmarks in it. Maxthon 4 does that, so I’ll go to use that

  7. Cannot import Search Engines from Chrome – why has Chromium such a crappy implementation of custom search engines that it cannot be externalized easily ?

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