xrecode II is Audio File Format Converter for Windows

Earlier we posted about how you can extract MP3 audio files from videos using the popular VLC media player. This does give you MP3 audio files, but they might not be the audio file formats that you would want to work with. If you want to transcode any audio file from one format to another then you can use the free utility called xrecode II.

xrecode II is an audio file format converter and supports a huge number of audio file formats including some of the popular ones like mp3, mp2, wma, aiff, amr, ogg, flac, wav, mpc, and more. In addition, it also works as a audio grabber which means that it can grab audio from audio CDs as well. It can extract audio from your video files too.

Working with xrecode II is very easy owing to its one-window interface. Basically, you have to add the source files or folder to a list, choose a destination file format, specify an output folder location and click on the Start button. This will start the process of extracting the audio and encoding it into the selected format.

xrecode II

One of the features that I found very interesting in xrecode II is its ability to convert the source audio files into multiple audio file formats. For example, you can simultaneously convert files into MP3, OGG or MP4 file formats. For this, you have to select Multiple as the destination file format and then choose other destination formats.

Going at a little more advance level, you can tinker with the input file settings like pre-processing or normalizing, etc. You can also change the destination file format settings to customize the transcoding process.

Conclusion: xrecode II is advanced media format converter and audio grabber tool for Windows. It supports all the popular audio file formats as well as less known file formats.

You can download xrecode II from http://xrecode.com/.