NXPowerLite – Compress MS Office, PDF and JPEG Files

If you plan to distribute the files created using Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF documents or the JPEG files, then perhaps you would want to reduce their size before sharing them online. A reduced size of the documents will take lesser time to download and will result in the reduced bandwidth consumption for both the server and the client. But how can you compress these documents? The attempts to compress using  a ZIP archiver could be useful but not very efficient. Instead, you can compress these documents using the NXPowerLite software that can reduce the documents file size to as much as 10% of the original size.

NXPowerLite opens up with a window where you can drag-n-drop your documents for compression. You can add Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel sheets, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents or the JPEG images in this window. If you have a folder full of documents, then you can click on the Add Folder to add all the files inside that folder. It can handle both the Office 2007 documents (XLS, DOC, PPT) and the Office 2013 documents (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX).


Clicking on the Optimize button will initiate the compression process for each of the added documents. During the compression, it tries to compress the embedded media files inside these documents among other things to reduce their file size. But if your document does not have any media objects inside it, then there won’t be any file size reduction.


In the settings for the NXPowerLite, you can choose how the JPEG files are compressed for Office documents, PDF documents and more. You can also choose how the files are renamed after compression or where the optimized files are placed.


Conclusion: NXPowerLite relies on compression of JPEG images to reduce the file size of Office documents and the PDF files. While this could work for documents having a lot of media content, it simply fails in case of plain text documents.

You can download NXPowerLite from http://www.neuxpower.com/.