Syncios : Universal Smartphone Manager for Both Android and iPhone

Previously we have tried and tested many smartphone managers – some of them were meant to work with Android smartphones while other targeted only iOS based devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. But Syncios is a smartphone manager that can handle both Android and iOS based devices. It is perhaps the one of its kind that can be said to be a universal smartphones manager software.

Not only Syncios works with all the versions of Android and iOS, but it also supports all kinds of hardware – smartphones, tablets, notebooks based on these operating systems and more. Furthermore, it does not cost anything – it is absolutely free to use.

Syncios does not need anything much to get started. If you are going to manage your iOS based devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod), then you will need to install Apple iTunes software first. For managing Android devices, there is not special requirement. After installing the Syncios software on your PC or Mac, you can connect your device to your computer using a USB cable and Syncios will show you the further instructions that you have to follow before Syncios can actually start to access and manage your devices.

Syncios can be used to manage your files located in your phone’s memory. As such, it works as a great backup tool – you can use it to create and restore backups of your important files. It has a Phone to PC Transfer feature that enables you to transfer more than twelve types of data from mobile to computer, or from PC to Android or iOS devices. It only takes few clicks to copy phone data to computer in batches or selectively.


When you have to edit or delete messages or contacts in your smartphone, it can be a daunting task because of the small screen and the touch based keyboard. With the help of Syncios, you can delete or manage your messages, contacts, apps, photos, videos or music collections right from the comfort of your PC.

Syncios also provides you with an array of media files – videos, wallpapers, ringtone that can be downloaded from within the Syncios interface. According to the Syncios web site, they provide new sets of wallpapers and ringtones every day.

Conclusion: Syncios is a truly universal mobile devices manager – tablets or smartphones, Android or iOS, it can handle everything without any problem. It works on PC and Mac both and is absolutely free to use.

You can download Syncios from