Reflector : Mirror Android or iOS Devices Screen Easily

The days of carrying that bulky laptop around are becoming a thing of the past. Now everyone keeps all their documents in powerful smartphones or in tablets for the obvious reasons of comfort and convenience. But when it comes to showing your work or presentations to other people in your school or workplace, the smaller screens of the smartphones are simply not enough. Fortunately, the developers of two major smartphone operating systems (Android and iOS) have already foreseen this problem and have provided you with features to mirror your devices on a larger screen over WiFi.

All you need is the Reflector software installed on the PC or Mac that is going to act as the larger screen and you are all set. Both the prospective larger screen PC/Mac and the Android/iPhone device should be connected to the same WiFi network.

After these requirements are met, you can connect to your computer through AirPlay in iPhone or Cast screen in Android. As far as Android is concerned, things are much easier – just pull down the notification bar, choose Cast screen and then select your PC/Mac from the list.


The device’s screen gets instantly mirrored on the PC or Mac using the default settings of the Reflector. Through the default settings, the mirrored screen is shown inside a phone frame and a black background is shown. The mirrored screen is kept over the top of all other windows.


If you do not like the default settings, then you can alter the preferences for the Reflector software. if you are mirroring more than one devices, then you can actually choose which device to show from the system tray/notification area shortcut of Reflector. You can choose the frame of the phone, record the screen activity into a video file, or broadcast the screen activity of the device’s screen on Youtube.


Conclusion: Reflector is something that all smartphone owners must install on their Mac or PC’s. You can use this to mirror the contents of your smartphone on to a big screen. It is very useful if you have to display presentation slides in a meeting or seminar.

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