How to Share Printer Over WiFi Network in Windows 10

When you go to buy printer for home use, you usually do not look for the high-end expensive printers. But you want a multi-function printer that can be used by all the members of the family for their various needs. These multi-function printers could be ordinary printers with only USB connectivity or they could be e-printers that can be accessed over WiFi. If you have an ordinary printer, even then you can share it over the WiFi network in your home or office. But since the sharing is done through a Windows PC, the printer can be generally accessed only through Windows machines connected to the network.

Here is how you can go about sharing your printer in Windows 10 (also works in Windows 8.1):

  1. Open the Control Panel by pressing the Win+X hotkey and then selecting Control Panel from the list.
  2. In the Control Panel select View devices and printers under the Hardware and sound category.Share Printer Over WiFi
  3. When you see a list of all the available or all the installed printers in your PC, right-click on the printer that you want to share over the WiFi network and select Printer Properties from the right-click menu.Share Printer Over WiFi
  4. In the properties window, switch to the Sharing tab. And then click on the Change Sharing Options button.Share Printer Over WiFi
  5. Select the checkbox Share this printer, give a name to the printer (for example, Christina’s Printer) and finally click on the OK button.Share Printer Over WiFi
  6. Now your printer can be accessed from all the Windows computers connected to the same WiFi network.

Even though you can easily share the printer using this method, the original computer on which you performed the sharing must be kept running all the time for the sharing to actually work. If this is not something you want then you can get a WiFi enabled printer or use a WiFi Printer Server.