Stay Informed About Global Time with FoxClocks in Firefox

These are the times when you have to work with global partners and clients from all over the world. I personally have some clients from Japan, South Africa, Germany, UK and some other countries. When I have to contact them over the phone or Skype, the first thing I have to see whether it is appropriate time to contact them. Sure for me it could be the middle of the afternoon, but for other people it could be the midnight and they would be really annoyed if I make their phone ring aloud when they are actually fast asleep. Besides not many people are thrilled to talk about business outside the working hours.

To instantly know the time in other countries you can either Google about it, or even better – you can use the FoxClocks extension in Firefox. This extension displays the current time and day in various selected countries in the status bar of Firefox. You can choose as many cities or countries for which you want to know the time, but since the horizontal space on your screen is limited, you should keep it to only upto nine or ten places. All the countries or cities are displayed along with their national flag which makes it very easy for you to spot the time.


You can right-click on the status bar clocks and choose FoxClocks from the context-menu to open the FoxClocks window from where you can add or remove time-zones, cities or countries. You can basically add hundreds of cities or countries to the watch-list from here. The time can be adjusted to use the DST (daytime savings time).


In the options for the FoxClocks, you can choose the time format, position and style of displaying the time, update the time zone data from the FoxClocks servers, and choose how the FoxClocks extension is integrated with the Firefox browser.


Conclusion: FoxClocks is a really handy and useful extension if you want to know the time for various cities and countries across the globe without having to search for it on Google or Bing. It displays time for various locations in a very convenient to see place in the Firefox browser.

You can get the FoxClocks extension from