Corrupted Disk Fixer Helps Fix Disk Problems in Windows

If your disk is not working probably, then it could be because of many reasons – disk failure, loose cables, power supply problems, motherboard problems, malware infection, file system corruption and many more. Out of these many causes, the most common problem is usually the with the file system. Starting with the version 8, Windows gives many different ways to fix the disk related problems automatically. But if you do not want to reboot your PC just in order to start those disk diagnostic tools, then there is another way.

You can use the free Corrupted Disk Fixer tool to repair the file system related problems on any of the disk partitions of your Windows PC. This tool is designed using Microsoft .NET and requires you to install the .NET framework before you can use it.

The program lists all the available disk partitions in your PC and lets you select the one that you want to fix. If you have attached a removable disk to your PC after launching the Corrupted Disk Fixer tool, then you can click on the Refresh button so that the newly attached disk’s drive letter becomes available to you.

Corrupt Disk Fixer

After selecting a disk drive from the list, you have to click on the Fix button twice. This will start the command line tool chkdsk /f to run the file system repairs on the selected disk partition. the output of the command is displayed inside the Corrupted Disk Fixer tool itself, so that you can see what is happening to the disk. After fixing one disk partition, you can go on and start repairing other disk partitions as well.

Even though you can issue the command chkdsk /f yourself in Windows very easily, the Corrupted Disk Fixer tool makes it even easier for you to fix the file system corruption of any disks in your Windows PC.

You can download Corrupted Disk Fixer from