Create USB Disks from ISO Images with Passcape ISO Burner

I remember the days when I used to buy a  lot of blank CDs and DVDs. My personal favorite was a CD pack called the 100 CD cake box. And what I find surprising now is that I used to consume them all in one or two months. These days nobody is actually buying those blank optical disks because the USB flash disks have made them almost obsolete. But the ISO disk images made popular because of the CD/DVD disks are still in circulation. Many of the Linux operating systems flavors like Ubuntu and now even Windows is available for download in the ISO image format.

Typically you would just burn the ISO images on a blank CD or DVD using special software like ImgBurn. But if you do not have a blank optical disk, then you can just use the USB flash disks instead. The free software Passcape ISO Burner helps you burn the ISO images to an optical disk through your DVD writer and it can also create a bootable USB disk using the same ISO images.

Password ISO Burner

Passcape ISO Burner is a portable software and gives you four options when you launch it – burn ISO to optical disks, burn ISO to optical disks using external programs, create bootable USB disk or just unpack the ISO image to a folder. For the USB flash disk, you should select Create Bootable USB Disk option, choose an ISO image file and click on the Next button.

Password ISO Burner

In the next screen, you can choose a partition style to be used for creating the bootable USB disk and select one of the USB flash disk drives (if you have more than one USB disks attached to your PC). Clicking on the Create button will actually start the process of creating the USB flash disk. Depending on the USB flash disk, USB version supported by your PC and the ISO image size, it may take a long or short time to complete.

Verdict: Passcape ISO Burner offers a convenient way to burn the ISO images to the optical disks or create a bootable USB disk using the same ISO images. It is portable software so you need not install anything in your PC either.

You can download Passcape ISO Burner from