How to Block Annoying People on Instagram

Instagram is a mini social networking platform that allows you to share your pictures and short videos with others. I started using it a few months ago and follow some friends as well as public figures that I really like. If you are a fan of a musician, writer, actor, athlete, politician etc., then Instagram gives you a nice platform to connect with them. I can say that it is definitely better than Facebook which is infested by junk and malicious posts. But recently, I started to get annoying comments from some of the Instagram users that were full of spam and advertisements. Fortunately Instagram allows blocking of such people easily.

If you are also being approached by an annoying person on Instagram, then you can simply block them. Here is how:

  1. Launch Instagram app in your phone. It does not matter whether you have iPhone or Android based phone. The Instagram app interface is similar in both cases.
  2. Find and open the Instagram profile of the person who is annoying you. You can do this by searching for their name using the search function or you can simple touch on their name in the comments they have posted.
  3. When the Instagram profile screen opens up for them, touch on the three-dots menu near the top-right corner.Block People on Instagram
  4. When a menu is displayed, choose Block from it to block that person. Before actually blocking the person, it will ask your confirmation first.
  5. That’s it. From now on, you are invisible on Instagram for that person. You can relax and go about doing your daily fun activities.

Blocking someone on Instagram makes you completely invisible to that blocked person. They won’t be able to see your photos, videos and won’t be able to search for your profile. But they can always use their friends’ phones, use Instagram and then search for your profile.