DeskTask Shows Outlook Calendar as the Desktop Background

In this day and age when everyone carries a smartphone to manage their everyday activities, the offices seem to have become an exception. In offices where you have to manage the activities and tasks of a large group of people, you cannot really rely on a smartphone. In some of the offices they are using Microsoft Outlook for task scheduling while others have their own proprietary software.

If you have to use Microsoft Outlook for managing everyday tasks, then you can understand how much time is spent only in checking all the tasks that you have already scheduled. You have to launch Microsoft Outlook again and again just to check on a few details.

If you want to save some of your precious time at work, then you can use the free software DeskTask. This software connects to Microsoft Outlook and displays your calendar appointments and task items right on the Windows desktop. The information is displayed as an overlay to your existing desktop wallpaper and is automatically updated so as to display the latest information from Microsoft Outlook. What’s more, you can also right-click on the system tray menu to view the same set of tasks and appointments.


DeskTask automatically refreshes the data once every hour, but you can actually change the refreshing frequency from the program settings. In the settings, you can also choose a refresh hotkey (to manually refresh the items), toggle the desktop window, snap the desktop window to the screen edges and so on. There are also settings to modify how the tasks and calendar items are displayed in the DeskTask overlay on your desktop.


While DeskTask works flawlessly with Microsoft Outlook, it has certain limitations. For example, it can only connect with the default Outlook calendar and does not support any of the third party calendar that you might have integrated in Microsoft Outlook.

You can download DeskTask from