Ghostpress Protects Windows PC Against Keyloggers

Cyber-criminals use a myriad of tools to break into a victim’s computer and then snoop around to gather all the information stored there. But if the victim is a littler smarter and has not stored any passwords or financial information (such as credit card or debit card details), then they use keyloggers and screen recording tools and wait patiently for the victim to type in the login credentials on a legitimate web site. The keyloggers basically log everything you type on your keyboard into a file and periodically upload it to a hacker accessible location on the internet.

Keyloggers are generally detected and flagged as malware by a good anti-virus software. Moreover, many of the web sites now offer a virtual keyboard built inside the webpage that you can use and prevent keylogging. But even then you are not so sure about newer forms of keyloggers coming up on the internet. If you feel suspicious that your keystrokes are being logged then you can use the free Ghostpress anti-keylogger software.

Ghostpress Keylogger

Ghostpress protects your Windows PC across all the applications against all kinds of keyloggers. Unlike many other similar software, Ghostpress does not scramble the keystrokes (send spurious key strokes to fool the keyloggers), but it just makes the keystrokes hidden from all other programs apart from the one that is in focus.

Suppose you are typing in the password in Mozilla Firefox, then the keystrokes would be visible to only the Firefox process. Other processes, including that of a possible keylogger, would not be notified of any keystrokes.

Ghostpress Keylogger

if Ghostpress is interfering in some feature or functionality of an application, then you can toggle off the protection provided by Ghostpress by clicking on the big green checkmark. This checkmark will turn into a big red cross to indicate that Ghostpress protection is now off.

In the settings for Ghostpress, you can choose to auto-start it with Windows, use process protection, use anti-hook measures to prevent keyloggers to latch on to other legitimate processes and periodically check for software updates.

Ghostpress Keylogger

Conclusion: Ghostpress anti-keylogger uses a little bit of stealth by completely hiding the keystrokes from all the processes apart from the one that is in-focus and is supposed to receive those keystrokes. It provides system wide protection against keyloggers in Windows without consuming too many of the system resources.

You can download Ghostpress Anti-Keylogger from