GetDataBack Simple: Data Recovery Software for Windows

When you cannot find a file in your Windows PC, first you think that the file could be in some other folder and do not worry about it too much. But when you cannot find it anywhere even after searching through all of your disks, it is then you start to panic and start to think about the possibility of accidentally deleting it. If you have deleted files by mistake, then you can attempt to recover them using the GetDataBack Simple software.

GetDataBack Simple is a data recovery software for Windows and supports all the popular partition file systems – FAT, NTFS and EXT. The FAT and NTFS systems are used by Windows computers, while the EXT system is more popular with Linux based computers. Unfortunately, it does not support HFS – a file system used by the Mac computers.

GetDataBack Simple

When you launch GetDataBack Simple, it shows you the disks available on your PC. You can click on any of the disks to start analyzing them and pretty soon it shows you a number of partitions present on that disk. Once again, you can click on any of these partitions to analyze them and find deleted or lost files on them.

The scanning and analysis takes only a few minutes and you can then explore the file system, find the files you want to recover and view or extract them on your disk. This software works in the read-only mode, so it does not try to fix or repair any files on the disk currently being analyzed.

GetDataBack Simple

There could be many reasons for data loss – virus attack, formatting, re-partitioning, power failure, system crash, software failure, or accidentally erasing of files. But GetDataBack Simple can recover your lost files in all these scenarios.

You can download GetDataBack Simple from