Google Spaces : Share Messages Within a Small Group

Even though there are tons of social networking tools available today in form of apps for your smartphone, they do not provide selective sharing of content with only a few people that you know. If you share something on facebook or twitter, for example, then you are sharing this with pretty much everyone who follows you or can access your posts. If you need to share messages within a small group of friends, then perhaps Google Spaces is a better choice.

Google Spaces is a new app that allows you to share your ideas, posts, thoughts, media etc., only with the people you choose to share with. In this app, you have to create spaces – each space is secluded from all the other spaces. You can invite any number of people to your spaces and only those people will have access to that space. After this you can share your messages with each other within that space.

Google Spaces

If you do not want to start the space, then perhaps one of your friends will have to create a space and then invite you to it. You can give a title to the spaces to clearly describe what is it all about. For example, if you want to discuss about arranging a party then the title should reflect it. All the activity inside a space is visible either on the space’s screen or under the activity screen.

Google Spaces

In the settings for the Google Spaces app, you can choose whether you want to receive notifications for any new activity in the spaces that either you created or you were invited to. You can toggle the sound and vibration on or off for the notifications. You can also manage your activities from the app settings.

Google Spaces

Conclusion: Google Spaces can help a group of people come together no matter whether they are in the world and focus on the same topic of discussion easily. Google Chrome, Youtube and Google Search are accessible from within the app so that you can search and share without having to leave the app.

You can get the Google Spaces app for Android or iOS from