Win10 Wizard : Configure PC After Upgrading to Windows 10

Recently we published about the Win10 Wizard that helps you find out whether your PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8.x is ready for being upgraded to the new Windows 10 operating system. The Win10 Wizard tool works differently based on the Windows version it is run on. For example, if you launch it in Windows 7 then it will show you system readiness for Windows 10. But if you launch it on a Windows 10 PC, then it acts like a Windows 10 configuration tool and help you configure various advanced settings for your PC.

It greets you with a “Congratulations on upgrading to Windows 10” message as you launch it in your Windows 10 PC. After this it takes you straight to the Windows 10 configuration window where you can choose one of the categories for modifying the settings for.

Win10 Wizard

For example, you can choose to make changes to the Themes related changes which includes toggling the dark theme on, making start menu transparent, disabling the start menu altogether and more. Similarly, you can make changes to a myriad of settings belonging to categories like Privacy, Location Services, Security etc.

Win10 Wizard

If your system is running a little short on the storage space, then you can use the Reclamation feature to free up the storage space. This is very useful as the Windows upgrade usually results in the creation of a large Windows backup folder for the previous version of Windows. By cleaning up this folder, you can actually claim many gigabytes of the storage space on the system partition.

Win10 Wizard

Conclusion: Win10 Wizard can help you configure Windows 10 settings when it is launched on a Windows 10 computer. You can use it to modify the settings related to the themes, security, privacy, location services and more.

You can download Win10 Wizard from