How to Add Multiple Twitter Accounts in the Twitter App in Android

Twitter is very popular among the youngsters and the millennials alike. You can send and receive instant texts using Twitter, share your life’s events with your followers, follow celebrities and what is more, you can contact important people directly through their twitter accounts. Now many multi-national companies are asking for your Twitter and Facebook accounts to have a look at your overall personality. It is because of this many people have started to use two Twitter accounts – one for having fun with friends and one for serious reasons.

Here is how you can more than one accounts in the Twitter app in your Android device:

  1. Launch the Twitter app. We assume that you have already been using this app with one Twitter account. If not, then sign in using any of your Twitter accounts.
  2. Tap on the three small dots on the top-right side of the screen and select Accounts from the menu that shows up.Add Multiple Accounts in Twitter
  3. You will be shown the Twitter account that you are using currently and options to create a new Twitter account or add an existing account.
  4. No matter which option you choose (create new account or add an existing account), it will switch to that new account as soon as you sign-in into this new account.
  5. You can easily switch to any of the added accounts by selecting Accounts from the menu and then choosing one of the added accounts.Add Multiple Accounts in Twitter
  6. In order to sign-out from the Twitter account that you are currently using, you have to select Settings from the menu and then select Sign-out from there.

You can add a number of Twitter accounts to the same app in Android, but when you add many accounts, it makes your smartphone’s processor work a little extra more and also consumes more of your internet bandwidth. If you do not really need so many accounts, it is therefore better to stay signed-in with only one Twitter account in the Twitter app.