Yellow Booster : One Tap Performance Boost for Android Devices

If your phone is acting up and taking a long time to launch the apps or open web sites in the browser, then it needs a performance boost – something that can be done easily through an app called Yellow Booster. The Yellow Booster app cleans up the junk files in your Android device, accelerates the phone as a whole and also helps launch other apps at the maximum possible speed. What is more, Yellow Booster does it all without making you go through those painful details – you can just tap on the booster button and it is all taken care of.

Yellow Booster shows up a score for your phone’s performance as you launch the app. The score is calculated based on the hardware performance and how it is being utilized by Android system as well as other apps installed on your phone. It displays three icons showing phone’s CPU temperature, RAM usage and the storage space available. You can tap on any of these icons to close down the background processes which in turns cools down the CPU, clear the RAM of unnecessary modules or information, and clean up the junk files stored on your phone’s SD card.

Yellow Booster

If you choose to boost the apps, it shows a number of apps running in the background. You can further select or de-select those apps and tap on the booster icon to optimize their performance. For cooling down the CPU, it automatically closes down the background processes and reduces the load on the CPU. If you choose to clean the junk files, then it displays a list of files that you can clean and claim the storage space that was otherwise being wasted on these unnecessary files. All these junk files are categorized to make your choice easier, for example, there are files labeled as Useless APK Files, Unwanted Cache, Leftover Junk Files and so on.

Yellow Booster

Conclusion: Yellow Booster is ideal for the phones that are in continuous use for months and if you are in the habit of installing and removing new apps frequently. Using the Yellow Booster you can clean the junk left behind by removed apps, close down background apps and improve the overall performance of your Android phone.

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