How to Revoke Access of Third Party Apps in Instagram

Instagram has recently upgraded their look and changed the years old icons as well as some components of the interface. While doing this, they have added some ore security features for the users. For example, now you can revoke access of various third party apps that you had permitted earlier from within your Instagram profile settings. This makes it easy to ensure that third party apps that you no longer use anymore do not keep the access to your Instagram account unnecessarily.

Here is how you can revoke third party applications’ access to your Instagram account:

  1. Open Instagram site ( in a web browser preferably on your PC. Then sign-in to your Instagram account in your web browser.Revoke Access in Instagram
  2. After you have signed-in to Instagram, click on the user profile icon near the top-right corner and when your Instagram profile opens up, click on the Edit Profile button.Revoke Access in Instagram
  3. Select Authorized Applications section from the left side. It will show you a list of all the third party applications that you ever permitted to access your Instagram account for one reason or another.
  4. Choose any one of the third party apps access of which you want to revoke and then click on the Revoke Access button.Revoke Access in Instagram
  5. After a confirmation prompt, the access of that app shall be revoked. Whatever you have been using that third party app for, will stop working and will require re-authentication in the future.

Before you go crazy and start revoking access of various third party apps in your Instagram account settings, you should first research properly as to why you permitted the access in the first place and whether the access is really required by something important. You can also see if the third party app sees to get some important permissions when accessing your Instagram account, and if it chooses to seek permissions to allow posting on your behalf or follow/unfollow other users, then you should consider revoking its access.

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  1. Unfortunately this does not work for me. Trying to remove Iconosquare pro. I can click ‘Revoke Access’ and get asked if I am sure? – unfortunately there is no option to click yes or no! I have tried on two laptops (with Windows 10 and Windows 7 and on two different browsers Google Chrome and Opera. Unfortunately, it just does not work. Neither can I see a way to achieve this through my Android phone.

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