Glarylogic Encrypt Care : Free Encryption Program for Windows

Who does not have one of those personal files that they must not let be viewed by anyone else? We all have those sensitive files, no matter in what format – videos, pictures, sound recordings, documents, and so on. And the best way to keep the private files private is by encrypting them. Once you have encrypted your files, even if someone lays their hands on these files – the encrypted files would be of no use to them without the pass phrase used to encrypt them.

The free software Encrypt Care by Glarylogic is a program that can help you encrypt files and plain text content. It supports some of the most powerful ciphers like AES or Blowfish but also includes weaker ciphers like DES, RC4, RC2 etc. It is also useful for calculating the file hashes using some of the popular algorithms like MD5, SHA-256, SHA-512 etc.

For encrypting file using Encrypt Care, you have to add all the files in the listbox. You can drag-n-drop all the files on the Encrypt Care window, or you can use the Add button to add all the files that you wish to encrypt. You have to type in the pass phrase in the field provide near the top of the window. After this clicking on the Encrypt button will start the process of encrypting all the files in the list. Decryption of the files works in a similar manner.

Encrypt Care

If you switch over to the Text tab, then you can copy/paste or type in the text that you want to encrypt. The rest of the process is very similar to the file encryption. Moreover, you can also generate hash check-sums for the text data or the files using the popular algorithms.

In the options, you can choose which of the encryption ciphers is to be used for the encryption of files or the text data. You can choose AES, Blowfish, CAST, DES, IDEA, RC4, RC2 or TEA. There are also options to backup the original files before encrypting them and displaying the encrypted text data in the hex encoded format.

Encrypt Care

Conclusion: Encrypt Care offers powerful file and text encryption for Windows users. The program uses strong ciphers like AES or Blowfish through an easy to follow interface. It can also be used for generating hash checksums.

You can download Encrypt Care from