How to Save Videos/Pictures from Snapchat Stories

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps being used by the youngsters these days. You can send and receive snap messages (messages in terms of small videos or pictures) to your Snapchat friends. The collections of these video messages together that form a narrative are called Snapchat stories. The problem is that Snapchat does not allow you to download or save these stories to your phone. These messages are played only for a very short duration (10 seconds) and if you want to replay them the same day, then you would have to pay for it.

If you have an Android device, then you can easily record the screen to record everything being diplayed on the Android phone including the Snapchat messages or stories. There are two methods to do this:

Using ADB Tools Without Any Apps:
This is the easiest way to record almost anything being displayed on your Android screen. You can record games, videos, or anything else into an MP4 video. You have to first install the ADB tools in your Windows PC, and then enable the developer options followed by the USB debugging feature in Android. All this is explained in a previous article we had posted – How to Record Android Screen into Video.

Once this is done, connect your phone to the PC using a USB data cable and give the following command:

adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/movie.mp4

Record Save Snapchat Videos

This will start recording the Android screen immediately into a file movie.mp4 on the phone’s SD card. Now you can watch all the Snapchat stories and they will be recorded in the same file. Pressing the Ctrl+C key combination in the command window shall stop the video recording. You can later retrieve the video file from the SD card.

Using AZ Screen Recorder App:
If you do not like all the steps involved in using ADB tools, then you can just download and install the AZ Screen Recorder app from Google Play store. This app shows a recorder button on top of all the other apps. You have to tap on this record button and then watch the Snapchat stories. This will record everything that gets displayed on your screen.

Record Save Snapchat Videos

In order to stop the recording, you can pull down the notification bar and tap on the stop recording button. The recording is saved inside a folder AzRecorderFree. You can watch it using any of the media player apps and can even edit it using the same AZ Screen Recorder app.

Even though these methods allow recording, the resulting MP4 video file’s quality depends on the Android device’s hardware – how much display resolution it provides and what type of GPU it has. A low end Android device using Mediatek processors might not give you as good quality video as a device with a powerful Nvidia Tegra processor.