Completely Clean Browsing History with Click&Clean for Chrome

My bank often sends me email messages containing very useful security tips like how to avoid phishing web sites or how not to become a victim of the cold calls. One of the messages that they send very frequently is that we should clean all the cookies and browsing history after every online-banking session. This ensures that none of your login sessions or the cookies thereof can be captured by third party apps or malicious applications. I personally choose the Private window in Firefox or the Incognito window in Chrome to carry out all my online financial transactions which means that the browsing history is cleared as soon as the browser window is closed.

But even if you use the normal browsing mode in your web browser, you can clean all the history manually. A Chrome web browser extension called Click&Clean can make it faster and easier to clean the browsing history in these situations.

The Click&Clean extension installs an icon in the Chrome browser’s toolbar clicking on which a menu shows up from where you can choose to Clear Private Data. This is one-click clear button so you won’t see any confirmations and it will do the job without any warning. There are some other functions provided from the same place, for example, cleaning of the cache, management of the history, management of cookies and so on.

Click&Clean for Chrome Browser

Along with the Click&Clean extension, it also tries to install a Windows application in your PC (if you permit it, that is). This application called History Eraser claims to clean some of the sections in your Windows PC that the Chrome extension would not be able to clean.

This History Eraser application is able to remove cookies, clear saved forms or passwords, clean the history of downloaded files, pages viewed and can completely clean the cache. It can delete the various databases used by the Chrome browser, Web SQL Extension, local storage and the indexed database. it can even delete of the stubborn files like the data from Google Gears, residue from the Flash Local Shared Objects (LSO) and Silverlight cookies. All the data is deleted securely by overwriting it multiple times.

Click&Clean for Chrome Browser

Conclusion: Click&Clean is an extremely useful extension for Google Chrome, which thoroughly removes browsing history, cookies  and other tracks of user activity. It ensures user safety and protects private data.

You can download Click&Clean extension for Chrome from