Interact with Contacts Smartly with Microsoft Connections App for Android

When someone calls you on your Android device, you can see that person’s identity either through your cellphone network provider’s special services or through the use of apps like True Caller. But even if you know who is calling you, you are sometimes puzzled why that person is calling you. And even more frustrating is the situation when you have just finished talking to someone on the phone and then realize you forgot to talk about something important. Only if you had some crib notes to assist you when someone gives you a phone call.

Well some people at Microsoft have thought along the same lines and have produced an app called Connections. This app helps you associate some notes, reminders or payments with each of your contacts. So when someone calls, the notes appear on your screen and give you a brief synopsis of what you should talk about or why they are calling you.

Microsoft Connections App

You start by adding various connections (contacts) in the Microsoft Connections app. You have to add the name, phone number and a category for each of the connections. After this you can append a note or reminder with each of the connections. The notes are displayed when you receive or make a call to a connection. The reminders are scheduled to be displayed on your screen to help you make an important call in the timely fashion. The payments act like ledgers and help you see how much money you have paid or received from a contact, when and for which reasons.

Microsoft Connections App

When you receive a phone call, you will see the notes that you have added for that account. You can flip though these notes before you accept the call to prepare yourself for the phone conversation. This can really help you through sticky situations like interviews over the phones, calls with parents etc.

Microsoft Connections App

Conclusion: Microsoft Connections app offers notes and reminders for each of your contacts to help you converse with them in much smarter and professional manner.

You can get the Microsoft Connections app for Android from