TapDeck Turns Android Home-screen into Live Magazine

Everyday when I commute from my home to my workplace, I try to read the latest news stories, technology news, fashion articles etc., on my Android smartphone. But for this I have to open the web browser and check one or two web sites like NY Times or NY Daily News while waiting for my station in the subway. What if there was a way to display all the latest news or trending magazine articles right on the home-screen of your Android phone? There is already an app called TapDeck for it that displays content picked from various topics that you are interested in on the home-screen.

You start by signing in to the TapDeck app using any of various social networking accounts. After this you have to choose different types of content that you want to see on your home-screen. You have to choose a minimum of three pages, three collections and one user to proceed but you can add or change these content settings at any time later.

TapDeck Wallpaper for Android

Once this is done, you can set TapDeck as your Android device wallpaper. In the beginning the wallpaper just shows the TapDeck logo (a red-headed woodpecker icon), but you can change the wallpaper by double-tapping on the home-screen. As many times you double-tap on the home-screen, it will keep changing the wallpaper and display different content downloaded from the internet.

TapDeck Wallpaper for Android

For example, I selected “Fashion” as one of the pages and it showed me wallpapers made of the latest fashion shows from Coco Chanel. If you swipe the screen up, it will show you the details about that wallpaper. On the details screen, you can decide whether you want retap this (show it again), drop it (never show it again) and share it with friends. The links to the original content are also provided.

You can get the TapDeck app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.tapdeck.android&hl=en.