Mars WiFi : Share Internet Across Devices Using WiFi Hotspot

These days everyone has a WiFi network available no matter where you go – home, office, school, restaurant and so on. But sometimes you get only a cabled internet connection which makes things a little difficult as the cabled internet access is available only through Ethernet cable and mobile devices do not have any LAN ports. In order to share your existing internet connection over the WiFi, you can use the WiFi adapter built inside your PC to create  an ad-hoc portable WiFi hotspot. Other devices then can connect to this ad-hoc network to enjoy the internet connection in the vicinity of your PC.

You can use Mars WiFi utility to create such an ad-hoc WiFi network on Windows PC. Mars WiFi allows you to create portable WiFi hotspot for sharing your internet connections. If you are using a cabled internet access in your PC, then you can create the WiFi hotspot using the built-in WiFi adapter. But if you are getting internet access in your PC through some other WiFi network, then your in-built WiFi adapter is busy for that network and you would need an external WiFi adapter for creating an ad-hoc WiFi network. Mars WiFi supports both of these configurations and lets you select whether you want to use an external WiFi adapter or if you want to automatically select one of the adapters available.

Mars WiFi

You can choose the name of the WiFi access point you create as well as assign a password to it. You can enable or disable the WiFi hotspot from the system tray icon. In the settings for the Mars WiFi, you can make it automatically start with Windows, choose a sharing mode (NAT or ICS), WiFi frequency (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) and whether you want to hide the network SSID. The WiFi frequency can be controlled only if your WiFi adapter allows it.

Mars WiFi

Verdict: Mars WiFi is a useful utility to have on your PC if you do not want to spend money on a cheap WiFi router and still want to share your internet connection to other WiFi enabled devices. Mars WiFi works with all the versions of Windows and can quickly create portable password-protected WiFi access points for everyone’s use.

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  1. Windows 10 user here; OSTOTO FAILED ME!
    Mars WiFi Wins the day! SUCCESS!! WORKS PERFECTLY!

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