Intel Security Unifier Updates Intel Security Components for PC

If your computer uses an Intel micro-processor then perhaps you can use some of the security components available from Intel for your PC. One of these security component exclusively available only for some of the Intel micro-processors is the Identity Protection Technology (IPT) service which facilitates hardware based multi-factor authentication across a large number of devices and online access platforms. This technology along with others can boost your device’s security multiple times as they offer hardware based authentication approach in addition to the software as opposed to having a software only authentication approach.

With the help of a small utility called Intel Security Unifier, you can install or update the security components available for your device. The utility can perform automatic updates for some of the Intel security components like the Intel Management Engine, Intel Identity Protection Technology, Intel Dynamic Application Loader and Intel Technology Access. This tool works only with Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10.

Intel Security Unifier

The Intel Security Unifier utility is a small download and can be launched right away. It scans your PC for the micro-processor architecture and the Windows operating system version. If the micro-processor is not supported then the tool will quit in the middle and show you a message that hardware is not supported.

If a supported Intel micro-processor is detected then it will perform an in-depth analysis of your system and installed Intel software. If your system needs any updates then it will download the required software from the internet and install it on your system. After it has done installing latest version of software on your PC, it will inform you of the process. You might have to restart your PC after the installation for the new Intel components to work properly.

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