Microsoft Sprightly App : Create Catalogs, Price Lists, e-Cards & Flyers

Back in the day, students graduating from the universities wanted to join multi-national companies to start their career. But these days, almost half of them want to start their own companies with a unique idea of their own. When you are starting out as a small business, usually you do not have enough funds for a fancy office and other small things. You have to pinch money from here and there to focus on the main productivity of your startup. In your struggling days, Microsoft Sprightly could be of some help as it can assist you in creating and printing your own catalogs, price lists, e-cards and flyers. The end result is not half bad and you can do everything on your smartphone.

Microsoft Sprightly app is available for Android based smartphones. It has many templates that you can customize to produce your own stylish flyers, catalogs and more. You can then either print the finished items on your color printer or share them through WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. This is a great way to share your products catalog to the potential customers over the social networks.

Microsoft Sprightly App

You begin by selecting various templates in the Sprightly app. Multiple templates are available for the flyers, catalogs, price lists and the greeting cards. The app is very flexible and allows you to switch over to the other templates later on too. Each of the templates needs one or more images – you can use your camera to snap an image or use existing images on your phone.

Microsoft Sprightly App

In the template, the images are automatically placed in the right places. All you have to do is type in the places and add the information as needed. For example, in the e-cards, you have to enter the recipient’s name, a greeting (like Happy New Year) and your own name or address. You can switch the templates by tapping on various templates near the bottom of the screen. After this, you can finish up and share it via various social networks, save it as a PDF document or print it on your printer.

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