Monitor Processes in Windows with Wise System Monitor

Wise System Monitor is an easy to use process management utility for Windows computers. It can monitor all the processes running in your PC including the user run processes and the system processes. It allows terminating of the processes and blocking the access to internet for any of the running processes. In addition, it also shows the CPU usage, RAM status, network download and upload speeds in real-time. If you have ever used System Internal utilities, then you will feel that Wise System Monitor is a cross between Process Explorer and TCP View utilities.

Upon launch Wise System Monitor displays a floating window near the notification area of the Windows taskbar. This floating window displays the download data rate, upload data rate, how much of the physical memory is being used (RAM usage) and the current CPU usage. This floating window does not interfere with any other window and other normal user activities. In fact, it is very convenient way of knowing your current internet data transfer rate without opening any tools, without running any commands or using specialized web apps like Netflix’s new

Wise System Monitor

Clicking on the notification area icon, you can open the main Wise System Monitor window where you can see all the processes running in your PC. It displays extensive information for each of the processes like the CPU usage, RAM usage, received and sent bytes, user running that process and so on. In other tabs, you can see the hardware and operating system details for your PC.

Wise System Monitor

Suppose you see a process that is consuming too much of the internet data and you do not want it to access the internet. Using Wise System Monitor you can block the internet access of any of the running processes. To do this, select the target process by clicking on it, click on the downward arrow displayed to the extreme right of the selected row and then choose Block Network Access from the context menu. You can use the same method to terminate a process or viewing detailed information about a process.

Wise System Monitor

Conclusion: Wise System Monitor not only monitors the running processes, but other useful information like network data transfer rate, CPU usage and the RAM usage status etc. Moreover, you can use it to block any individual application’s access to the internet or to terminate a process.

You can download Wise System Monitor from