Create Hotkeys to Launch Programs, Open Websites & Folders with Wise HotKey

Wise HotKey is a new program that can be used to create hotkeys to launch programs, open websites or open documents. It uses nine hard-coded hotkeys that are made using a combination of “Alt” and a number (from Alt+1 to Alt+9). But you can also create some extra custom hotkeys of your own. With each of these hotkeys you can associate a program, a website, a folder or a file.

The program Wise HotKey offers a very intuitive interface that makes creating hotkeys and assigning a target program or website to that hotkey very easy. Upon the first launch, it scans your PC for most used programs and assigns first five hard coded hotkeys to those programs. You can easily remove the programs from the hotkeys by hovering your mouse over the hotkeys and clicking on the small “x” that appears there.

Wise HotKey

For assigning new programs, websites, folders or files to a hotkey, you can click on the plus sign over an unassigned hotkey and it will open a small window where you can choose applications, folders or websites. It shows some of the most popular sites but you can type your own website address if you want. Similarly, it displays common applications and folders, but you can add your own favorite application or folders if you want.

Wise HotKey

In addition to the hard coded Alt+Number hotkeys, you can also create your own custom hotkeys. For this you have to use the second row of hotkeys in the Wise HotKey window. You can assign the program, websites or folders as usual, but for assigning the hotkeys you have to click on the hotkey text. Then you can press the key combination on your keyboard and that hotkey will be assigned if it is a valid and non-conflicting hotkey.

Wise HotKey

Conclusion: Wise HotKey makes it very easy for any user to create and manage hotkeys in Windows. By using these hotkeys a user can save time and make everyday work life a little comfortable.

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  1. I actually use Hoekey that you review elsewhere, but think that arguably the ‘best’ or at least most powerful free hotkey program now is Hotkeyp, here:

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