SoundSwitch : Use Hotkeys to Quickly Switch Between Audio Devices

SoundSwitch is a small Windows utility that can help you quickly switch through all the audio devices in your PC. You can use hotkeys to enable any of the sound devices attached to your PC. It can cycle through both the input audio devices like the microphone and the output audio devices like the headphones or the speakers. If you find enabling or disabling various audio devices in your Windows PC a harrowing task, then you will certainly find the SoundSwitch utility a great help.

After the installation of the SoundSwitch utility, you have to first configure it in order to be able to switch through all the audio devices. For this, you can right-click on the SoundSwitch notification area icon and open settings from there. In the settings window, you can select all the input audio devices (recording) and the output audio devices (playback) that you want to be able to switch through. You can also configure the hotkeys for switching through the output or the input audio devices. By default the hotkey for switching output devices is Alt+Ctrl+F11 and that for switching the input devices is Alt+Ctrl+F7.


In other general settings, you can choose to make SoundSwitch run automatically at Windows logon, choose what kind of notifications should be used (Windows notification, sound notification or custom sound notification), choose what kind of tooltip should be displayed when you hover mouse cursor on the notification area icon of SoundSwitch, whether you want to cycle through all the devices or only the selected devices and more.


After configuration is done, you can use the hotkeys to switch through the playback or recording devices. When the audio devices are switched, you are shown a notification (type of the notification depends on the settings) to the effect. You can also right-click on the notification area to quickly switch through the devices.


Conclusion: SoundSwitch makes switching through different playback and recording audio devices much easier. It is a very productive application if your work involves using multiple audio inputs or outputs frequently.

You can download SoundSwitch from