Asus RealBench : Benchmark Test for Windows Computers

There are so many different hardware stress tests and benchmark utilities that offer to take your computer’s hardware to the extreme limits and then give an estimate of its capabilities. These benchmark software usually try to run several special tests on the graphics card (GPU), main processor (CPU), RAM, storage devices etc., to push them to their limits. But these tests are not same as any real applications that you would actually run on your PC. A new benchmarking utility called Asus RealBench, on the other hand runs all the tests like that you might actually run on your PC in form of different applications. For example, it runs various GIMP plugins to stress test the GPU, it uses Handbrake to compress video files, and so on.

For these reasons Asus RealBench stands out from the crowd. It does not run those lengthy and time consuming lab like tests on your PC. Instead, it runs real life applications or their components to benchmark the hardware of your PC. You can use it to find the real performance of your PC, compare the performance enhancements between different hardware configurations, compare the performance after overclocking, or after upgrading the hardware, to name a few example uses.

Asus RealBench

Asus RealBench offers you to run the program in either the benchmark mode or the stress mode. The difference between the two is that the stress test pushes everything beyond the limit and therefore it is great for testing your PC after overclocking or for testing the long term durability of the system. In either case, it runs image editing tasks using GIMP components, video encoding tasks using Handbrake, tries to load OpenCL features of your GPU, and makes your system go through rigorous multi-tasking.

The tests are designed to load all the areas of your hardware with an exception of the HDD/SDD to avoid wear. In the end you are shown the score for your hardware configuration that you can share on the ROG (Republic of Gamers) forums.

You can download Asus RealBench from