Win10 Wizard : Check if Your PC is Ready for Windows 10

Microsoft has been providing free upgrade to Windows 10 operating system for all the users who have a licensed copy of Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 installed on their computers. This offer is valid for a few more months before Microsoft stops the free upgrade and then you will have to pay for using the new Windows 10. So you have to hurry up and grab Windows 10 while you can, but before you upgrade to Windows 10, you should check if your PC is really ready for the new Windows 10.

In order to check the system readiness, you can make use of a free third party tool called Win10 Wizard. When run on a Windows 7 or Windows 8.x machine, this software scans your system, looks at various factors and then tells you whether your system is ready for upgrade or whether you will face some problems if you choose to upgrade.

Win10 Wizard

On my old Windows 8 PC, it scanned various requirements for Windows like the hard disk capacity, RAM, graphics card, display, processor, applications, devices, file associations and so on. It found a problem with hard disk capacity and based on that it inferred that the PC was not ready for Windows 10 upgrade.

It even gives further details about the problems and their possible solutions. For example, in my case, it informed that the PC must be upgraded to Windows 8.1 before an attempt to upgrade to Windows 10 is made, the hard disk capacity should be increased to at least 32GB for installing Windows 10 and so on.

Win10 Wizard

You can rectify these problems and then check with the Win10 Wizard again to see if your system is now ready for Windows 10. This way you won’t run into any problems during the Windows 10 installation or after the installation is finished.

You can download Win10 Wizard from