Windows ISO Downloader : Easily Download Windows 10 ISO Images Legally

We have already published about how Microsoft allows (legally allows) to download the Windows installation media ISO images through their Techbench program. With the help of Techbench, you can download latest version of Windows 10 ISO images to your PC every time you need to install Windows fresh on your computer. Even though the Techbench website is very easy to use itself, if you want things to be even easier then perhaps you can try the third-party Windows ISO downloader tool. This tool is different from Microsoft’s own Media Creation Tool and just provides an interface to the Microsoft Techbench’s website.

The Windows ISO Downloader tool requires you to have .NET Framework 4.6 and Internet Explorer 11 to be installed in your Windows PC. It can help you download all the available variants of Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 to your PC.

Windows ISO Downloader

After launching the tool, you have to select the Windows version you want to download from the right-side options. After this, you have select a Windows edition and then the architecture (32-bit or 64-bit). The download links to your selected version and edition of Windows will soon appear in the window. You can then click on the copy buttons on the right-side to copy the links into the clipboard. After this you will have to use a download manager to paste the links and start the downloads. I personally prefer the Free Download Manager for downloading large files like the Windows ISO images.

Using this tool for downloading Windows ISO images is a matter of personal preference. It does not provide anything new compared to the Techbench website. You can download the ISO images straight from the Techbench website using an equal number of steps without having to use any third party tools. The only advantage perhaps is that you do not have to bookmark the Microsoft Techbench website for various versions of Windows.

You can download Window ISO Downloader tool from