Annotate & Edit Any PDF Document with PDF Annotator

PDF Annotator is a Windows program that can open, edit and annotate any PDF document and save it on your PC. This is useful when you do not have the source document for the PDF file and just want to quickly add one or two things on the PDF document. It comes with a whole battery of tools that you can use to annotate the PDF documents – lines, arrows, shapes, pens, stamps, eraser and more. The comments or the annotations are stored in the same PDF document and can be turned off using the options available in the PDF viewer programs. This way you can print or view the PDF document both with and without the annotations added using the PDF Annotator.

The program has a very intuitive interface that allows for very easy annotation of the documents. You can open any PDF document in this program unless it is protected by security options or through password restrictions. The program’s interface has very well designed way for selecting various tools – you can select these tools from the toolbar or from the menubar. In the toolbar, the tools are displayed when you select a category from the categories from right-side.

PDF Annotator

In the menubar, you can select the tools from under the Tools menu. Almost all the tools are listed there. For further fine tuning of these tools the options are displayed in the toolbar. For example, if you choose the ellipse tool, then you can change the options like outline, outline thickness, outline color, filling color, circle or ellipse and so on.

PDF Annotator

Once you have done all the annotations, you can save the file and all the annotations are saved inside the same file. Perhaps, you would want to save a copy of the original file somewhere else first. PDF Annotator is able to save the PDF documents compatible with all the PDF viewer programs.

You can download PDF Annotator from