Listen to Online Radio Stations from Across the World with Screamer Radio

There was a time when everyone had a boom box of their own or they wished to buy one. But now boom boxes have completely become obsolete because of the popularity of smartphones and portable audio players. Unlike the old boom boxes that could play from disks and the local FM radio stations, you can now listen to thousands of online radio stations from across the world using the free Screamer Radio program for Windows. The software can both play the radio stations and record the shows for later listening.

Screamer Radio is available for Windows in the installer format as well as the portable program format. As soon as you launch the program (screamer.exe), it asks you to update the radio channels from the internet which should be done to get the latest list of radio stations. After this, all you have to do is select one of the radio channels from under the Preset sub-menu in the menubar. All the radio stations are categorized according to language, country of origin, radio network groups (for example, BBC, .977, etc.) and the genre.

Screamer Radio

Since the program has not been updated for a while, some of the radio stations do not work. For fixing this, you can manually edit the presets.xml.gz file and update the radio stations yourself. For example, the City Music station from Belgium does not work, but if you update the station from using the new stream URL (fetched from, then it starts to work and you can listen to City Music programs.

Screamer Radio

There is a recording function given for recording the radio programs – this could be useful for recording some programs for listening later in leisure or recording some really special radio programs. In the options for the Screamer Radio, you can customize recording, output and various other options. The recording is done using the popular Lame MP3 encoder.

You can download Screamer Radio for Windows from