Clone Tabs in Firefox Quickly with Duplicate in Tab Add-on

These days almost everything I purchase comes from Amazon and some other online shopping sites. When buying from Amazon, sometimes I have to compare two or more items to see which one of them will be more profitable and has more features. In order to do so, I have to open the Amazon search page over and over again so that I open different product pages in different tabs. For example, if I am looking for a pair of headphones, then first I search for “headphones” on Amazon and open the one of the product pages. Then open another new tab and repeat the same process all over again.

To avoid time spent in opening the same URL like this over and over again, you can use the Duplicate in Tab extension for the Firefox web browser. This extension installs a new context-menu in Firefox for duplicating tabs. After this you can just right-click on a tab and select Duplicate Tab from the context-menu. This will open another tab and load the URL of the currently selected tab automatically. This is similar to manually opening a tab, copy-pasting the URL from the previous tab and hitting the Enter key on your keyboard.

Duplicate Tab in Firefox

In the options for the Duplicate in Tab extension, you can choose the placing of the newly opened tab – whether the tab should be opened in the foreground, whether it should be opened in the background or if the extension should use the default Firefox setting. You can also set a shortcut key to create the duplicate tab for the currently open tab. But since it is not something you have to use very frequently, you can leave the shortcut key option unchecked.

Duplicate Tab in Firefox

You can get the Duplicate in Tab extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser from