How to Fix “Battery Over Temperature” Error in Android

When you are charging the battery of your Android smartphone, it keeps charging the battery until it is 100% full and then you can disconnect the charger cable from the phone. But sometimes, it might display an unexpected error – “Battery Over Temperature – Your battery is over temperature, please remove the battery”. What this warning means is that the temperature of your phone’s battery has reached above the allowed range and charging it further at this high temperature is not safe. You can choose to snooze the warning for a couple of minutes or even dismiss it and continue charging the phone, but it could be dangerous to ignore this warning.

Android Over Temperature Battery

In most of the cases, the problem is with the phone’s hardware, battery charger or the battery itself. Here are some things you can look into to fix the error:

  1. Replace the battery charger: If you read the small booklet that came with your phone, it suggests you to “always use the charger that came with the phone” and there is good reason why. All batteries have different capacities and if you use a battery charger not designed for your phone’s battery, it can cause damage and make it very hot. Not to mention the battery life will be reduced to only a few months. So if you have been using just any other phone’s charger to charge your phone, then its time to stop and get a compatible phone charger for your phone.
  2. Clean the Battery Terminals: The way your phone knows about the temperature of your battery is through a small thermistor (a semi-conductor that changes resistance based on the temperature) located inside the battery. The circuit inside the battery translates this thermistor’s resistance into voltage signals and outputs it into a special third terminal outside the battery. If the terminals get dirty, the wrong value of signal could confuse the phone into thinking that the battery is at a very¬† high or low temperatures. Simply cleaning the battery terminals will take care of this problems. While cleaning the terminals do not use conducting or wet materials to avoid shorting the terminals.Charge Battery with USB Cable
  3. Replace the battery with a new compatible one: If the temperature measuring circuit inside your battery is malfunctioning, then there is no use trying to fix the battery. Using such a battery is very risky as it can display very unpredictable behavior. In this case, you have to buy a genuine battery of the same model as used by your phone.

If even after these steps, the phone keeps displaying the over-temperature warning, then you can try resetting the phone as the last resort. If you have rooted and modified the phone’s software in any possible way, then you will have to re-flash the original firmware before performing the system reset. Also if your phone is still covered under the warranty, then you can just ask the manufacturer for fixing the phone.


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  2. My infinix note started showing me a warning of over battery temperature please how do I solve this problem cos the phone goes off after 2 minute of the warning

    1. My infinix note3 started showing me a warning of over battery temperature please how do I solve this problem because the phone goes off after 2 minute of the warning… What can I do please

  3. I get the message when I am not charging the phone. Have you any diagnosis and treatment for that? Thank you.

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