Compress Audio Without Compromising Quality with Monkey’s Audio

Not many people know but the main reason behind the immense popularity of the MP3 file format was the expensive storage space back in the 90’s. In those days, hard disks had smaller storage capacities (20 GB HDD was considered a disk with huge capacity) and were very expensive. Nobody had heard of cloud storage by then. In order to maximize whatever storage space people had, audio files were often compressed using the MP3 codec which promised a small file at the expense of sound quality. But times have changed now – local storage space is cheaper than ever and people have multiple storage disks installed in their computer, not to mention the ever increasing size of the USB flash disks and the cloud storage.

Now when the storage space is no longer a concern, why not switch from the old MP3 audio format to something else like the Monkey’s Audio which is a lossless reversible audio compressor. You can take the WAV files and compress them into APE files using the Monkey’s Audio. The APE files can be used not only for playing back the music at very high quality (lossless compression), but you can also recreate the original WAV files using them (hence reversible compression).

Monkey's Audio

Monkey’s Audio opens up an interface where you can add folders or files containing your WAV collection. These WAV files can be the result of recording the music using your microphone or could be taken from an audio CD. Then you have to choose a compression mode and click on the Compress button and in a few seconds the APE files will be ready.

If you are trying to regenerate the original WAV files from the APE audio files, then you have to add the APE files in Monkey’s Audio window and then click on the Decompress button. It can even perform the MD5 hash check to see if the exact replicas of the originals have been created.

Monkey's Audio

If you are thinking how you would be able to play the APE audio files, then you can use either the versatile VLC Media Player or use Winamp with Monkey’s Audio plugin installed (this plugin is copied to Winamp folder during the program installation).

Conclusion: Monkey’s Audio performs the compression of audio files using bit-by-bit copy from the original files thereby keeping the original sound quality intact and giving an option to recreate the original files if needed.

You can download Monkey’s Audio from