Firefox Containers Help Use Multiple Accounts in Same Window

Some people like to have and use multiple accounts for various websites or online services like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and so on. Mainly they create more than one accounts to have one account for work related use, another for personal use, one for high school friends and another for the university etc. When you want to use more than one account in Firefox, usually you have to sign out from all other accounts of the same website and then sign in to the desired account. But Firefox’s new feature called “Containers” is going to soon change this. Currently it is available only in the Nightly version.

You can seclude the cookies and other locally stored data of sites opened within one container from those opened within another container. Firefox supports four containers – personal, work, shopping and banking. This feature can be used in two different ways – for accessing multiple accounts under different containers and for protecting the data stored by sensitive sites from being accessed by other sites.

Firefox Containers

The container icon is not listed under the Firefox menu or in the toolbar by default. But you can easily fix this. You have to click on the hamburger icon (menu icon) to open the menu and select Customize from there. In the customization mode, you can drag the Open Container Tab icon to the Firefox toolbar as displayed in the picture below.

Firefox Containers

Now whenever you want to open a container tab, just click on this new icon in the toolbar and select one of the containers. The name of the container tab is displayed inside he address bar itself. You can open any website you want inside that container tab and all the data stored by sites opened inside that container tab shall stay inside only that container tab. It is like the privacy mode – only difference being is that the container tabs keep all the data across the Firefox sessions.

Conclusion: Even though the container tabs is a feature introduced in the Nightly version of Firefox, it is something that will be welcomed by millions across the world and has the potential to make it to the final release version.

You can download Firefox Nightly from