Create Shortcuts on Homescreen with App Shortcut Maker for Android

App Shortcut Maker is an app for Android that helps you easily create shortcuts to other apps, activities and even to other shortcuts. The shortcuts are created on the home-screen of your Android device and you can customize their labels and the shortcut icons. In fact the app proposes you to install some the third party icon packs so that you can choose the icons from these icon packs. But you can also choose any icon from the picture gallery or create icons from some basic shapes like triangles, rectangles, circles.

After launching the App Shortcut Maker, you can see all the installed apps, activities and the shortcuts under three different tabs. You can choose one of these apps, shortcuts or the activities and it will open a new screen where you can create a new shortcut to the selected item.

App Shortcut Maker

For the new shortcut, you can choose the label, icon from the icon packs, icon from the shapes, use one of the pictures to be used as the icon, and then you can create the shortcut by tapping on the small circular edit button near the lower-right corner of the screen. The shortcut is created on the home-screen and you can start using it instantly.

App Shortcut Maker

Some of the apps offer multiple functions called activities or actions and they need to accessed differently. You can create shortcuts to these hidden functions of various apps from under the Activities section. For this you have to choose one of the apps and it will display all the possible actions offered by that app. You can select one of these activities for the new shortcut.

Conclusion: App Shortcut Maker makes it easy to create shortcuts to various apps the activities provided by them. You can customize the shortcuts by changing their labels and icons.

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